Driving Test……

How exciting Kristen is to be able to take a written test and a driving test. She is NOT nervous at all. Always confident in everything she does……..

We get to Scottish Rite and I sign her in. We both sit and pray together. We are welcomed by the kind staff there. Everyone is glad to see Kristen and see how well she is doing. It gets time for Kristen to begin testing. She walks away with her head held high and a smile on her face. I sit patiently out in the waiting room. From time to time, I watch every child that enters and exits thru the door. I pray for each one. Time passes quickly and the hour is upon us. I hear her talking and giggling at a distance. Her giggles get louder and louder as she rounds the corner. I stand and she runs to give me a hug……… she passes the first exam. Her vision is excellent, her reflexes and knowledge of signs are also excellent. I tell her how proud I am of her and that I had no doubt that she would pass.

She wants to eat lunch, so we head towards Panera Bread. It is cold outside and it would be a great day for a hot bowl of soup. We sit amongst the busy shoppers and begin to talk about the driving test. She went on and on about how easy it was and how excited she was to be able to get to drive!

OK now I am a little nervous. We get back and Kristen is so ready. Questions are asked and answered. The student driving car has a passenger break incase that is needed by the therapist. Oh my…. I may  need one of those. Kristen gives me a hug and tells me she is going to be fine. I tell her that I know and that she was going to do great!

This test will take about an hour…………… an hour and a half has passed and she comes walking thru the back door. I walk around and see her. She doesn’t see me. She is talking and laughing with all the therapists. The driving therapist walks over to me and tells me that we all need to sit down and discuss results. We gather around at the end of this long table. She begins to tell me that Kristen passed and did very well. She didn’t have to use the break and was not nervous at all in the vehicle. I was so excited for Kristen. Now that she has passed both written/verbal and driving test, these results will be forwarded to the MD and he will have to complete a certified letter. Once we recieve this, she can begin driving and we will need to send the letter to the DMV. She expects this to be done in the next week or so.

Kristen can’t wait and I have all the confidence in Kristen.

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7 Responses to Driving Test……

  1. Bill & Kelly Etheridge says:

    Kristen that is awesome to hear that you passed all the tests. GOD has worked a miracle on you. You are proof that his powers are there & work if you pray. Tell them you need a parking space when you go back to school. GOD bless Bill & Kelly Etheridge

  2. sarah constable says:

    i cannot even believe i am reading this–about DRIVING !!!
    would have never even thought about it????!!!
    well, im sure kristen was =o)
    thinking again about how WONDERFUL our God is!!!
    He gives us what we need and some of what we want too!!!!
    Wow, Kristen, driving again!!!

  3. Heddy, Nate, Jessica and Kelly Still says:

    Congrats Kristen!!! I knew you would pass with flying colors!!! I know you are so excited about driving again… I am so happy for you. God is so good!! XOXO

    • Dawn Caughey says:

      Kristen! That is amazing news! We are so happy to hear of your continued progress and God’s continued miraculous work in your life! Congrats!

  4. Melissa Stoker, Outlaws says:

    Kristen, you are a miracle each and every day and this day is no exception. Savannah just started driving so, Misty, I pray with you every day. Misty, you have had such a tight grasp on Kristen for these last months and it will be so hard to loosen that just a bit. To all of you, just take a deep breath and praise God that Kristen is still here to make your heart skip a beat every time she walks by. I love you guys and can’t wait to see you again!!

  5. Judy Walters says:

    So proud of all the progress she has made with God’s help and with yours and Scott’s guidance and devotion to her. I cannot believe that I am reading that soon she will began driving again – Miracles happen and God’s answers prayers. Kristen you are a true testimony of God’s work. I know you will continue to amaze all of us in everything that you do. May you, Misty and Scott have a wonderful 2011 – you all deserve it so much.
    As always – in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Steve & Beth Russell - New Life Church says:

    What wonderful news! Kristen, I know you are sooo thrilled. God is so great and awesome! We are so happy to see you at church and doing well. Just allow Him to use your life as a great testimony and witness of His power and love. You are a special young lady!

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